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Introducing Bay’s Kitchen

Bay Burdett

26 January 2024

Bay’s Kitchen, founded by IBS sufferer Bay Burdett, produces award-winning, Low FODMAP* (IBS Friendly), Gluten Free, Dairy Free foods. Their products don’t contain any hard-to-digest ingredients yet they are full of flavour!

Founder & CEO Bay’s Story

Bay began suffering from gut issues in 2012. As many others do, Bay ignored and hid her symptoms as best she could for years due to feeling embarrassed. At the time, there was a lot more stigma surrounding gut issues which definitely impacted how she felt and her ability to open up to others about what she was going through. In 2015, she reached the limit of her pain. It was impacting her quality of life significantly and stopping her from enjoying everyday things so she decided to consult her doctor.

After some tests, Bay was diagnosed with IBS and was handed a post-it note that said ‘Low FODMAP Diet*’ and was advised to give it a go. With very little information, Bay didn’t know how or where to start and decided to dig deeper. After researching the diet and understanding how it worked, Bay soon realised there were very few convenient, tasty low FODMAP* foods available in the UK. Having also found that 1 in 5 people are diagnosed with IBS (and 1 in 3 suffer with IBS type symptoms), she knew it wasn’t just her that was looking for these types of foods that didn’t contain hard-to-digest ingredients like onion, garlic, lentils and wheat. She started cooking sauces from scratch at home and realised that you could make delicious dishes that were easy on the stomach… and the idea for Bay’s Kitchen was born!

The Start of Bay’s Kitchen…

Bay went on to launch Bay’s Kitchen’s first three certified Low FODMAP Stir-in Sauces in 2018, which are also Gluten & Dairy Free certified. Since then, Bay’s Kitchen has gone from strength to strength, working tirelessly on new products, recipes, blog posts and more to help fellow IBS sufferers.

Bay’s Kitchen’s Mission

Bay set out to create the top certified Low FODMAP food range in the UK and she succeeded! With over 20 products including sauces, stocks, soups, pestos and more, Bay’s Kitchen really is leading the space in IBS-friendly foods. Now the team of three; including Megan (Marketing Manager) and Lexie (Supply Chain Manager), aim to be a top resource in the health space, not only for delicious products but for interesting and useful information too.

Here’s a quote from Bay herself “Living with IBS, it is also my mission to increase awareness of the condition and remove the ‘taboo’ that surrounds it, empowering more people to talk about their lives with IBS and to offer support and advice to one another. Raised awareness of IBS and the low FODMAP diet will make the simplest of things (like eating out) far easier and more enjoyable… By working alongside UCU Nutrition and supporting their new IBS Recovery Course programme, we hope to help IBS sufferers take back control of their gut health and improve their quality of life.

Reviews & Certifications

Over the years, Bay’s Kitchen has gained hundreds of fantastic reviews showing just how invaluable their products are. They’ve even been told by one customer that they saved their marriage! They have also won more than 20 industry awards, including Great Taste, Nourish and Free From Food Awards.

All of their products are certified Low FODMAP by FODMAP Friendly in Australia. They also test and certify for being Gluten Free and Dairy Free, with all products being made in a Nut Free factory.

View their full product range here:

*The Low FODMAP Diet has been scientifically proven to reduce, and in some cases even eliminate IBS symptoms for more than 75% of those who try it. To find out more about the diet and how it works please click here.

Mindful Eating for Menopause

Mindful eating is about bringing awareness to your eating experience, noticing physical hunger cues, and savouring each bite without distractions. This conscious approach helps you differentiate emotional cravings from true hunger, potentially curbing mindless snacking and promoting healthier choices.

Additionally, mindful eating promotes mindful breathing and present-moment awareness, offering natural stress management tools. The next time stress or emotions tempt you to reach for the pantry, try mindful eating techniques like taking deep breaths before eating, focusing on the textures and flavours of your food, and stopping when you feel comfortably full, not stuffed.

Remember, mindful eating is a journey, not a destination. Start small, be patient, and embrace the power of mindful awareness to navigate emotional eating and find calm amidst the menopausal transition.

Empowering Your Journey

Remember, food is not just fuel; it’s your ally. By prioritising a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein, you equip your body with the essential nutrients it needs to navigate this transition with vitality. Remember, calcium and vitamin D are your bone-building buddies, omega-3s fight inflammation, and magnesium helps you sleep soundly.

While exploring plant-based oestrogens like phytoestrogens, choose wisely and prioritise food sources over supplements. And when emotions take the reins, turn to mindful eating – it’s a powerful tool to tame emotional hunger and manage stress through conscious awareness. Embrace this opportunity to nurture your body with delicious choices, and remember, you’re not just navigating change. You’re empowering yourself with every informed bite!

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