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At Uniquely Created U we want you to resolve your health issues and restore your life for the long-term.


Our in-person workshops and online webinars aim to empower you to embrace your individuality and improve your wellbeing as we guide you to greatness through our informative health and wellness topics.

Book your place on an upcoming webinar or in-person workshop with our
Lifestyle Medicine experts:

IBS food in practice – How to create gut friendly meals that fit into your life and schedule!

Work stress, academic stress, family stress - whatever the source, stress, and anxiety can be the unseen cause for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome or trigger an IBS flare-up.

Join us for a FREE WEBINAR with Uniquely Created U co-founders, Dr Nicholas Peat and Vanessa Peat and our multidisciplinary team, Behavioural Change Coach Laura McLean and our Director for Gut Health, Colette Kirk on Monday 20th May.

We will be delving into the intrinsic link between our MIND and GUT and offering some free expert advice on stress management and alleviating the symptoms of IBS.

Past events and FREE resources

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Listen to Podcasts

Listen to Vanessa, Dr Nicholas and the wider multidisciplinary team talking about health and wellbeing on the following Podcasts:

Listen to Dr. Nicholas and Vanessa Peat, themselves both neurodiverse, on the correlation between neurodivergence and selective eating and how to handle family meal issues.

Listen to Dr. Nicholas Peat as he speaks to the local community radio station in Northampton, Beat Route Radio, about improving your everyday health and wellbeing.

Rachel Muse shares with Vanessa & Dr Nicholas Peat how recipes can be adapted to eliminate foods that may trigger IBS symptoms, as well as touching on performance nutrition.