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Health and Nutrition in Adults 40+

Eating well for different life stages

Eating a varied and balanced diet that incorporates a plentiful range of nutrient and micronutrient rich foods is recommended for everyone, regardless of age. The same can be said for maintaining healthy, regular physical activity and mindset.

As we grow older however, is it important to factor in the metabolic and physiological changes that are happening within our bodies and to adapt our approach to eating and exercise accordingly. Factoring in these changes early, as we move through each decade of our life, can help lead to a longer, healthier existence, and have a better quality of life. We aim to help make you feel fantastic at forty and thrive at fifty and beyond.

How our Performance Nutrition for Adults 40+ can help

Our approach to health and performance nutrition for older adults is with a view to helping you live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilled life. At UCU, we help you re-evaluate your current unique health and wellbeing requirements and look ahead towards the next phase of your life. We educate and empower you to plan and readdress how your physiology will change over time and help you understand how any nutritional and physical adaptations that you put in place now will benefit you in those later years.

 Our team at UCU take a 360-degree holistic approach, creating unique plans tailored to your personal requirements that will not only help you maintain a healthy bone and muscle mass but a healthy functioning body and happy mind.

For more information about how we can help you stay happy and heathy please get in touch.

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We can provide the support you need in the following areas:

Men’s Health 40+

Concerned about muscle atrophy or just looking to find the right balance for your body? Our team can provide expert performance nutrition advice, preventative measures and support that will help you stay fit and healthy in your forties, fifties, and beyond.

Perimenopause and Menopause support

Face the transition with confidence At UCU, we aim to arm you with the tools and support to equip you with the skills to thrive during the change. Our multidisciplinary approach takes into consideration not just the physical but also the mental aspects that come with menopause. From teaching you how best to fuel your body from a nutritional and dietetic perspective to cognitive behavioural talk therapy, stress management to mindful movement such as Pilates. 

Performance nutrition  

1-2-1 advice and support from our registered health and wellness practitioner. You will have access to nutrition and dietary advice on ways to improve your agility and balance. Our guidance can help you readdress any underlying future health concerns, seeking early preventative intervention.


65+ years have low muscle mass


of muscle mass present at 20 is lost by the time you're 80

1 in 3 women

will sustain one or more osteoporotic fractures in their life

  • Behavioural

Change coaching
  • Education
For older adults
  • Strength, balance and aerobic
Movement support