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Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

The physical aspects of IBS can be debilitating and disrupt work, relationships, and even simple social gatherings. The stress of managing IBS symptoms can lead many to avoid situations altogether. But there's hope. We have developed a 360 degree IBS Recovery Course that takes you and your body into consideration.

Our 360 holistic Irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 1 in 20 of the UK population and can have a profound impact on quality of life. Not only can it be extremely painful and debilitating but incredibly isolating, especially when you are struggling to find a long-term solution.

Whether you have been prescribed medication that is not working or are struggling to understand how to implement a low FODMAP diet due to the lack of follow-on support and guidance from your GP, our expert team is here to help you.

Our IBS treatment is founded on a 360-degree holistic approach to help relieve the crippling symptoms of IBS and enhance your overall health and wellbeing for life.

Our IBS treatment programme includes:

  • Gut health dietetics

  • Cook-along sessions
  • Stress management
  • Mindful Pilates
  • Access to our IBS community for continued support and advice

Your IBS recovery journey starts here!

Step 1:

Following an official IBS diagnosis from your GP, and on completion of your IBS risk analysis, (free IBS Risk Score available via link above) you will be emailed your report and will then be asked to book your pre-assessment consultation.

Step 2:

During your pre-assessment consultation, a dedicated member of our UCU Team will delve a little deeper into your personal experience with IBS; your symptoms, triggers, and assess your specific requirements and eligibility to ensure we are the correct fit for each other.

Our IBS Recovery Pathways


Our Premium pathway is our group-based online course. It is the perfect recovery option for those who have the desire to learn how to use nutrition and mindful movement as tools for the healthy management of the symptoms and triggers of IBS and lead a happier more fulfilled existence. 


Sometimes, the path to change requires a little extra support from other individuals embarking on the same journey. Our Elite pathway is ideal if you prefer working in a small group environment and a more interactive learning experience.

On this pathway, you will benefit from 1-2-1 consultations, medical reviews, mindful pilates in addition to stress management coaching and IBS cookery sessions. Through this course, you will be fully supported by our expert team, but will get to share the live learning and coaching element of the course with a group of up to five other IBS sufferers.

However, we want you to feel you have full control of your learning experience. Therefore you still have the option to access this mini-support group at your own desired level, for different modules, or not at all. You really can decide what works best for you.

Whichever IBS recovery pathway you choose, our gut health team at UCU are here to help you.

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Adults have IBS

1 in 5

Suffer from IBS

1 in 6

School children report IBS symptoms

Dietician guided education in the low FODMAP diet
  • Stress
Hands-on stress management strategies
  • Mindful Pilates
Helping alleviate IBS symptoms through mind-body movement