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Gut Health

Why Gut Health Matters?

The Gut is often referred to as the body’s ‘second brain’. In addition to its functional role of processing food and absorbing nutrients, the enteric nervous system within our guts is linked to and directly communicates with the emotional and cognitive centre of our brain. That sinking feeling in your tummy? That is the chemicals and cells within your gut talking to you.

Ensuring good gut health therefore is not only essential to a happy healthy body but to for your overall mental health and wellbeing.

But what happens when problems arise, and our gut health is compromised?

Our specialties lie in the following areas:

Why Gut Health Matters?

Through our own personal gut health struggles and further informed by our medically certified expertise in gut health and nutrition, we have devised a 360 holistic approach to helping decode the triggers and relieve the symptoms of IBS and help manage and reduce the impacts of IBD. At UCU, we believe in personalised care. Delving beyond the diagnosis, we look past the symptoms to find the root cause of gut imbalances and issues with a view to helping you resolve them for good. Find out more about our Gut health recovery pathways.

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