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Vanessa Peat

Co-Founding Director

Introducing the co-founding director of Uniquely Created U, Vanessa Peat. A Performance Nutritionist, Registered Associate Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Vanessa is a specialist in performance nutrition, neurodiversity and nutrition and has a lived experience of disordered eating.

As a registered professional in the field of nutrition, she is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimum health and wellbeing through personalised and practical evidence-based guidance. Her expertise extends to addressing specific needs, with a focus on neurodiverse eating concerns, disordered eating, performance nutrition, and corporate wellbeing.

She is proud to be registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and holds a postgraduate diploma in performance nutrition from the Institute of Performance Nutrition. Her academic journey includes a first-class honours degree in nutrition and medical science from University College London, complemented by a fitness industry training certification from YMCAfit.

Her commitment to this field is not solely based on clinical knowledge. In her formative years, she faced personal challenges relating to negative comments about her appearance, leading her to grapple with disordered eating. These experiences, coupled with the discovery of undiagnosed learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyspraxia, and visual stress), fueled her determination to make a positive impact.

Having overcome these challenges, she is now a neurodiversity advocate and public speaker and enjoys sharing her journey of triumph over learning disabilities, disordered eating, and academic hurdles.

Vanessa Peat, Co-Founding Director

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