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Nicholas Peat

Co-Founding Director

Meet Dr. Nicholas Peat, co-founding director of Uniquely Created U - Registered GP, and expert in Clinical Medicine with a specialism in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine.

After overcoming severe Crohn’s disease through lifestyle transformation, he delved into lifestyle medicine, earning a postgraduate diploma in nutritional medicine. This journey equipped him the with insights and expertise into leveraging personalised lifestyle medicine for preventing and treating chronic diseases.

Engaging in active clinical practice, he treats both private and NHS patients in person and remotely. His academic background includes bachelor's degrees in Neuroscience (2004) and Medicine and Surgery (2006) from UCL, along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. He is also an experienced Medical Educator, initiating a Student Selected Component in Human Nutrition for the University of Cambridge in 2022.

As a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and an undergraduate examiner for the University of Cambridge, his contributions have been recognised by the Care Quality Commission for “Outstanding Practice” in developing a cholesterol-lowering tool in 2014. In 2015, he was shortlisted for the Patient Safety Awards for Improving Safety & Quality in Primary Care.

As a co-founder of Uniquely Created U, he merges medical expertise with a cutting-edge 360° holistic approach, addressing the mind, gut, body, and movement. His mission is to guide you, your family, or your employees toward becoming the healthiest and most vibrant versions of yourselves.

Previously, he has also served as a Medical Advisor to, the UK’s largest network of doctors with over 200,000 members, and has extensive experience educating the general public, undergraduate medical students, and postgraduate doctors.

 Nicholas Peat, Co-Founding Director

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