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Laura McLean

Behavioural Change Coach

Meet Laura, a dynamic force in the realm of behavioral change and holistic wellness. Her journey in navigating challenging and regulated environments has honed her expertise as a Behavioral Change Consultant for UCU. A creative leader with a collaborative approach, Laura excels at uniting diverse groups.

Laura’s transformative coaching has steered businesses and humans through critical changes, fostering psychological safety grounded in honesty, trust, and professional integrity.

She works with individuals ready to embark on a journey toward their fearless future, ensuring mindset barriers to health goals are dismantled in harmony with our team of consultants and health professionals.

Laura’s inclusive coaching approach empowers individuals to reclaim control over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, making her an invaluable ally in the holistic wellness journey. She doesn’t just coach; she champions the belief that achieving holistic health involves mastering the intricate dance of mind and body, making wellness success accessible and achievable for everyone.

Laura McLean, Behavioural Change Coach