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Welcome to Uniquely Created U. We are a multidisciplinary team of registered medical, dietetic, nutritional health and wellbeing professionals based in Northamptonshire. We take a pioneering 360° holistic mind, body and movement approach to helping you and your family become the healthiest version of yourselves.


At UCU, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you get the right help from the right people at the right time. Led by a bespoke team of specialists and backed by our own unique and personal experience of gut health, disordered eating and neurodiverse selective eating, and performance nutrition, our treatment plans and courses take your individuality into consideration.   

Matching your needs to our experts, we believe in empowerment and arming you with the necessary knowledge, practical skills, and tools to take positive action, make a change, and embrace the quality of life that you deserve.


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Our clients are diverse, but they all share one common goal: to improve their health and wellbeing. Find out more about our pathways:

Why choose UCU?

Co-founders Vanessa Peat – a Performance Nutritionist and Registered Associate Nutritionist, and husband Dr Nicholas Peat – a General Medical Practitioner with a specialism in Nutritional Medicine, have lived health experiences which they have overcome through modifications in their diet, mindset and movement transformation.

Nicholas suffered from a spontaneous bowel perforation in his early twenties and after losing 30cm of his small bowels was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Vanessa has had a lived experience of disordered eating in her teens due to unresolved childhood experiences.

It is through their own holistic pathways and positive outcomes, further supported by their medical and professional expertise, which inspired them to want to share their knowledge and help motivate and empower other individuals to share this lasting lifestyle transformation. And so Uniquely Created U was born.

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding service provided by Vanessa Peat during my recent Nutrition Assessment at UCU. Vanessa's professionalism, empathy, and expertise made what could have been a daunting experience an incredibly positive and transformative one.

Wendy Spyker

I found UCU encouraging and a real support throughout my client journey. There was a lot of information to take in, but UCU were always helpful and knowledgeable. At times I found things hard, but UCU were there with me every step of the way.

Andi Patel

Thank you so much for Vanessa and Nicholas looking after me, I really appreciate it. I came all the way from London to Northampton to find the best in terms of nutrition, emotional wellbeing and health. So, if you are ever confused or need further information then contact UCU.

Cherie Johnson

The depth of Vanessa's assessment was truly remarkable. She delved into every aspect of my nutritional habits, lifestyle, and goals with a level of detail that was both impressive and enlightening. Her insights were not only thorough but also thought-provoking, challenging me to consider new perspectives and approaches to my nutrition and well-being.

Mrs W S

The communication with the UCU team was on a regular basis so I always felt supported and informed. From sessions with the dietician, to chats with the Client Liaison I always felt encouraged with their positivity. I have learnt a great deal more about snacking and calorie intake and I am much more mindful of my portion sizes. I always felt that the team were keeping me in the right direction.

Kiron Baid